FLYPAY allows you to pay a partial deposit on your vacation and keep the same low price, while making monthly payments towards your trip.

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$400 Total Deposit

$99/mo per person

Click Buy Now to make initial DEPOSIT of $400

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$600 Total Deposit

$229/mo per person

Click Buy Now to make initial DEPOSIT of $600

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$800 Total Deposit

$249/mo per person

Click Buy Now to make initial DEPOSIT of $800

1. Monthly payments will be due on the 1st of the month following initial deposit payment.
2. Email confirmations will be sent to each registered email address within 48 hours of package booking.
3. After an initial deposit is paid, invoices will be sent monthly via email detailing past and future payments.
4. All packages must be paid in full by 1/10/20.
5. Clicking the Buy Now button and paying the initial deposit is an agreement to make equal monthly payments on your vacation until it is paid in full.


It is our goal at IAMfly Travel Services to resort to the cancellation of packages ONLY as a last resort for travelers who are non-responsive. We will make every effort to complete mutually beneficial arrangements to ensure that all packages remain in effect.

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  • Initial deposit is non-refundable & non-transferable due to contractual agreements and/or policies with the hotel and ticket resale vendor.

  • Payments received after due date will incur a $25 service charge.

  • All events are capacity-controlled. Early arrival is recommended. IAM|fly Travel will not be held liable for denial of entry due to venue capacity concerns.

  • Travel is not included in any package listed above.

  • The monthly payment schedule is required to be kept. Any payment arrangements or changes to payment schedule must be made IN WRITING and agreed upon by both parties prior to payment date.

  • Non-payment of monthly fees will result in cancellation of your hotel reservation, ticket package, and/or forfeiture of all monies paid.

  • Service Charges and event fees are assessed by Eventbrite, Pay Pal andEventNoire. These fees do not decrease your trip balance.

  • After each payment, an itemized invoice will be provided for each package. PLEASE READ EACH INVOICE CAREFULLY!

  • The hotel/vacation rental WILL require each room present a credit card or cash for incidentals and/or deposit at check-in. This amount is not covered by your purchase or by IAM|fly Travel Services.

  • Hotel/vacation rental room assignments are at the discretion of the vendor, any specific concerns regarding room arrangements must be made to the hotel/vacation rental upon arrival.

  • Tickets to NBA sponsored events will not be pre-purchased. All ticket purchases occur based on payments by the traveler. IAM|fly does not guarantee the availability of tickets to specific events without full payments from the traveler.

  • Cancellations by one or more members of a package group will IN ALL CASES require a change in the entire purchase price of said package. Remaining travelers will be required to pay a revised rate.

  • All package purchases made are final.

  • Refunds will not be processed for any reason including weather, acts of God, terrorism, civil unrest, government action, personal or medical emergencies.

  • Specific hotel choice may be adjusted due to capacity concerns and NBA bookings. Each hotel will remain at the specific star level and rating. Refunds will be available for any traveler that does not approve of comparable hotel changes.